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Chemical Risk Assessment 

Hazard identification and risk assessment are fundamental requirements of regulatory systems for chemicals worldwide.

Chemical risk assessment is required by European and national government. Globally, the use of chemicals is subject to regulation and of wide public concern. This requires preparation of chemical dossiers by industry, the dissemination of information down the supply chain to smaller supply companies and retailers and the general public. Safe use of chemicals in the workplace and safe disposal to protect the environment are not only required by government and workers but are in everyone’s interest. We can help and advise all stakeholders in this process.



We have held membership and chairmanship of expert committees at the national and international level. We have extensive experience in peer-review of individual studies and risk assessments principally in the area of environmental protection but also in assessment of human health effects. Our consultants are known nationally and internationally. Click here to go to the CVs of Birchtree Consultants.



 We can prepare dossiers on chemical hazard, conduct risk assessments, review studies and assessments and advise on most aspects of chemical regulation, including the European REACH legislation.



We have prepared risk assessments for industrial chemicals, new and 'existing' substances, metals, organo-metals, pesticides and biocides at the national, European and international level. We have worked with UK government departments, the EU, international agencies (the World Health Organisation, UNEP, OECD) and chemical industry with a combined experience of over 60 years.  


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